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The world has changed and almost in an instant.

Towards the end of 2019 into 2020, a massive tsunami hit the world on a global scale and caused humungous and cataclysmic socio-economic changes beyond measure. Our world post covid-19 could never be the same again and the corporate world is one of those that took the hardest hit from the covid-19 pandemic.

The aftermath, ranging from freezing of economic activities, to the complete reset of the economies of nations, to the collapse of stock markets, both national and international, to the shutting down of business, followed by loss of millions of jobs world over, has been unbelievably devastating. As a result, the rules have no choice but to undergo series of adjustments without the permission of the players.

The journey of career development and the concept of career success are now being redefined within the framework of what obtains in today’s world. The dynamics of the relationship between what you have on offer and the needs of the marketplace must now be revisited. For which reason there obviously has to be a re-evaluation of your academic qualification, your talent set, skill set, professional certifications in relation to present and evolving realities of today’s market.

This is to ensure a pro-active response to the free interplay of market forces of demand and supply, which is now being reset. So the businesses of job search, resume writing and passing job interviews have add-ons that you must be aware of, if you are not going to be left behind.

As always, the massive changes that have been taking place, normally leaves in its wake, two categories of people, the champions and casualties or victors and victims. The side of the divide where you find yourself, is highly dependent on your capacity to respond intelligently and not react unguardedly to the changes.

To help position you as a champion and a victor is my core reason for creating this course. It is one of my intelligent responses to the prevalent circumstances created by the dramatic changes of our times.

The package consists of four courses, including the Self-discovery, Job Haunting Made Easy, Writing Winning CVs and Cover Letters and Passing Job Interviews and each course consist of modules.

In this master-class, you are provisioned with this manuscript of course content to aid your processing and assimilation of the quality information in this package. More interestingly, there is a bonus for you and it is an e-copy of my book, The Roadmap To The Marketplace.

This course is actually a fall out of the book and in it, I have distilled detailed thoughts on the ideal model for career success. Do well to download the book and find time to devour the content as it will help you and the folks around you.

Let us now begin.


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