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A new world of virtual marketing, advertising, trainings, campaigns, advocacy and businesses have been created by the social media explosion and use of ICT. With an increasing Internet penetration rate by Nigerians accessing via laptops, desktops and other devices, the rave to maximize exposure and align with contemporary trends have never been so upbeat. The times call for proactive engagement, through interactive content and 2TwoSix Alliance Limited has been set up to help individuals and businesses attain this height.

Our all hands-on training and strategy enables participants and businesses learn and apply new ideas and technologies to exchange information, perform online marketing, establish  new media strategies and design new templates for reviving existing businesses in today’s digital space. Participation in these programmes also gives companies and individuals opportunities to test the acceptance of their brand, capacities, products and services in the digital and social media space.


  • Graphic Designs
  • ICT Solutions
  • Virtual Image Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Graphic Designs

Do not forget that branding, identity and logo design is a crucial element to your business for general marketing strategy. With the necessary resources we ensure you an ideal design that will go a long way towards creating a positive brand recognition you desire. 2Twosix Alliance showcases different business logo design, business cards and all forms of corporate designs that gives creative idea for your branding or visual identity projects. Our team of professional designers identify with your need by gathering inspiring and outstanding designs
• 2D and 3D Designs
• Graphics Art Training
• Video Editing

ICT Marketing

2TwoSix Alliance team of digital specialists, consultants, and market analysts unceasingly monitor cloud computing, communication services, conferencing & collaboration, digital identification, digital media, mobile & wireless, space & communications, IT applications & services, client contact, and unified communications markets. Additionally, we glance closely at vertical markets, connected industries, and mega trends to supply a holistic read of the ICT business

Virtual Image Branding

The image your company projects in the online community has an impact on your business and extends beyond appearance but it is a combination of behavior and communication. How your business looks can influence its behavior and communication skills that in turn, determines how your business is perceived by customers. We believe that the connection between your virtual image and the performance of your business is stronger than you may think. The benefits are:

  • Projection of core values and ethics
  • Result oriented approach
  • Customer satisfaction and market reputation
  • Higher return for investors
  • High energy level and initiative

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing goal is to produce content that clients will share with their social network to help their business increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.
We provide a variety of trainings to enhance clients’ potential, capacity, online communication, virtual attitude, behavior and company’s achievements

Social Media Management

Social media does not end in just posting footage, videos on Facebook and Instagram or shortening the words in a sentence to ensure it does not exceed 140 characters on twitter. You must first initiate ideas you wish to develop via a method specially designed to your business and your potential customers. 2TwoSix Alliance track record is in developing these effective social media strategies for your business through our deep understanding of it. We produce and post the appropriate content that bring you together with your target market, grow your virtual clout, increase sales and confines you within the desires of your customers.

Campaigns, Trends & Promotions

The key to a productive virtual business is a good content and for your business to succeed means frequently rolling out useful and valuable resources that solve your customers’ issues and position you as a pacesetter in your trade. To achieve this, 2TwoSix Alliance team of social media experts is mobilized to educate the online community about your business with a hashtag that will place you among the tops in the trend map, through a careful analysis and content development that will keep the online community returning to your website and even subscribe to your updates while increasing your database.

Digital Marketing

We are in the business of developing digital marketing management SOLUTIONS that will help you stay on top of business with highly motivated workforce making sure the business grows. Digital marketing certificate courses equips you with tools that keeps you abreast with technology.